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Hi, I’m Aleksi Meldo - aka maindi

Welcome to my website. I design and build SaaS products.

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That's me, surfin' the Metaverse.
Aleksi surfing the metaverse


My name is Aleksi Meldo, but online I’m known as maindi.

I have many years of expertise from crafting digital products and services, including everything from the initial idea conception to actually creating and marketing the product or service.

I work with tasks ranging from graphic design to full-stack coding, mainly with a JavaScript stack (Node, React etc.) and of course stellar UI/UX design.

My personal mission is to build products that have a positive impact on the people and our society. I'm also a keen Bitcoin enthusiast and believe that it can solve some of the most fundamental issues in our modern society.

Skills 💎


HTML · CSS· Javascript· Node.js · React ·React Native ·JQuery· Vue.js · Slack API


Product strategy· Prototyping ·Visual design · User interface design · Usability testing · Data analysis· Web design · Marketing design


Figma · Adobe XD· Adobe Photoshop· Adobe Illustrator· Visual Studio·Slack

Currently Building 🛠


Talbit is a SaaS-platform for agile and strategic employee development.



Evergreen is a Slack app that helps organizations to enhance their company culture by giving more peer-to-peer recognition to each other and make a real impact on our planet by planting real trees.



Deicare helps organizations to measure and improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusasiest and most cost-efficient way to  improve your DEI-culture

"Working with Aleksi is easy and the results are fast! Would recommend to anyone wanting to build a product."

Want to build with me?

I build products usually via co-ownership. If you have an interesting idea for a SaaS-project or a digital product, please contact me.